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The word is spelled “collectible,” NOT “collectable. From big chain stores (Target) hawking their Christmas “collectables” to the 2011 big-budget movie “Captain America” (the sign on a store in one scene), few seem to know how to spell this word correctly. Webster’s, people. They’re online.

The word STRENGTHS is the longest word containing only one vowel.

Having always found the English language fascinating, the spelling of words does particularly interest me, and I pay rapt attention to lists that come along so I can be extra sure the next time these words come up that I will spell them correctly… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always worth the effort, IMHO

A study of misspelled words at shows the following words (or forms of these words) as the most frequently misspelled: MINUSCULE, MILLENNIUM, EMBARRASSMENT, OCCURRENCE, ACCOMMODATE, PERSEVERANCE, SUPERSEDE, NOTICEABLE, HARASS, INOCULATE, OCCURRED, SEPARATE, EMBARRASS, PRECEDING, INDISPENSABLE, DEFINITELY, PRIVILEGE, GAUGE, QUESTIONNAIRE, EXISTENCE, MINIATURE, PRECEDE, WEIRD, RHYTHM, SEPARATELY, CONSCIENTIOUS, MISSPELL, HIERARCHY, GRAMMAR, CALENDAR, and WITHHOLD. The author of the website also points out, “Anecdotal evidence and personal observation indicate that a few other cases where a “non-standard” spelling is frequently used on the Internet are alright for all right, alot for a lot, and it’s for the possessive its. However, search engines don’t look for extremely common words (asking one to search for posts with the word the would turn up just about every post ever made) and looking for two-word phrases (all right, a lot) is trickier than for a single word.”